It’s animal week at Camp Cochavim, and we kicked it off with a super awesome trip to the Turtle Back Zoo!

What do you see?! A lion!


It’s penguin feeding time!


Snack time…time for some animal crackers!

We love the zoo!

Train ride! Weeeee!


Painting lion faces…ROAR!!!!


Morning painting stamping center

Morning train center


We decided to make our own train! Choo choo! All aboard!


Snack time


Jump, jump, jump!


Animal print free art!


Rosh Hashana is coming up so soon, and since we blow the shofar on Rosh Hashana, we got to see how the shofar is made! The shofar doesn’t grow from the ground, or from a tree…it grows on a kosher animal’s head!


First, we took the bone out of the shofar…pull real hard!

Next, we had to measure to see how much of the end we need to cut off to make a hole

Time to cut the end off!

Drill a small hole

We need to make the hole just a bit bigger now…

Sand it down

Now we’re ready to blow the shofar!