G’mar chatimah tovah. We hope you had a wonderful chag and enjoyed the artwork the children brought home.

Speaking of the children, they were so happy to return to school and we were so happy to see them! They even remembered (with a little prompting) that lunches go in the “lunch basket” and sippy cups on the “sippy cup shelf.” It’s clear they are proud of themselves. Sometimes they are ready to be more independent than we even think is possible! They even love helping us sweep up the room and after the rain, they wanted to dry the slides outside.

We thought you would like to know our daily schedule. It basically goes like this: welcome, free play, davening/circle time, snack, outdoor (or in inclement weather, indoor) play in the playground or our outdoor classroom (on the side of the shul), art and/or story time, and lunch. After lunch, the children who stay until 2 p.m. choose a toy (another opportunity to develop independence) to play with quietly on their mats and some rest. Some have been choosing cars and others like the dolls). Then we might go outside, play ball and ride scooters in the gym, open the kitchen area….

Creating art is a huge favorite in our classroom. Our Free Form Art exhibit, which is growing daily, features dot-dotting, rubber stamping, and works using crayons and markers. Daniela especially enjoyed the large (paper) canvas. These works will make their way home to you so we can display new creations. Our children love building all sorts of sculptures with our classroom accessories. This week, Asher took great care in creating a sculpture of a birthday cake for his mother.

We had our first Fire Drill practice this week. First, we talked inside our classroom about safety and ways to be safe. The children were able to give us a whole list of ways they know to stay safe from holding hands while crossing the street to walking safely on the steps. We spoke about how sometimes we need to come inside to be safe and sometimes we need to go outside to be safe. We talked about how the alarm keeps us safe by telling us to go outside.

Next, we walked outside using our Fire Safety staircase and we stood together with all the classes in our Safety Spot. We counted to make sure we were all there. Then, Mr. Florian and Mr. George set off the alarm. It wasn’t so loud for us when we were outside. Then we walked back to our classroom and noticed the sound got louder as we came inside. After we heard it in our classroom, we knew what it would sound like the next time it would go off. We surely know what to do now to keep safe. As soon as we hear the alarm, we line up at the door without speaking and follow the morah right outside to our safety spot. Follow us!! We know what to do!

We love Shabbat in the Shul with the Rabbi!! And we love having our weekly Shabbat party in the classroom.

As you can see, although it’s been a short week, it’s been a busy one. We hope you enjoy a peaceful and joyful Shabbat and we’ll see you on Monday!

Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie