In the sunflowers this week the children were eager to return to school and share with their friends how their Rosh Hashanah was.  The children enjoyed hearing the shofar being blown in shul; TEKIYAH, SHEVARIM, TERUAH, AND TEKIYAH GEDOLAH.  Dipping the apple in the honey was so yummy.  After hearing how everyone’s holiday went, the children couldn’t resist singing DIP THE APPLE IN THE HONEY… We started to talk about the next holiday of YOM KIPPUR.  We talked about how important it is to be kind to our friends and always say you’re sorry if you hurt someone. We also ask “What can I do to make you feel better?” The compassion the children show to each other is beautiful to observe. WE talked about some of the ways we celebrate this special day. The children said we got o shul and we mentioned that our mommies and daddies stay in shul for a very, very long time. We even talked about some things that we do that are so different than what we normally do like our mommies and daddies don’t eat- they fast. And how silly we thought it was to find out that we don’t wear our Shabbat shoes and instead we wear sneakers or slippers!! We can’t wait to talk more about these things next week!!

Here are some pictures of us being good friends.


We had our first Fire Drill practice this week. First, we talked inside our classroom about safety and ways to be safe. The children were able to give us a whole list of ways they know to stay safe from holding hands while crossing the street to walking safely on the steps. We spoke about how sometimes we need to come inside to be safe and sometimes we need to go outside to be safe. They also remembered the alarm sound from when we had fire drills in camp and in school last year. They know it is loud but keeps us safe by telling us to go outside.

Next, we walked outside using our Fire Safety staircase and we stood together with all the classes in our Safety Spot. We counted to make sure we were all there. Next, Mr. Florian and Mr. George set off the alarm. It wasn’t so loud for us when we were outside. Then we walked back to our classroom and noticed the sound got louder as we came inside. After we heard it in our classroom, we knew what it would sound like the next time it would go off. We surely know what to do now to keep safe. As soon as we hear the alarm, we line up at the door without speaking and follow the morah right outside to our safety spot. Follow us!! We know what to do!

After the Fire Drill we played safely outside.

The children absolutely loved our Karate Demo class. They had a wonderful time with Sensei Nick.  Being able to follow Sensei Nick’s directions and run and touch the cones, run and say “ha-ya” and kick the glove, and roll the heavy medicine ball was so much fun. The kids could not get enough. They kept asking when Sensei was coming back!!

And we especially love Shabbat in the Shul with the Rabbi on Friday mornings!! It certainly gets them in the mood for Shabbat. They love to continue singing Shabbat songs all the way downstairs and can’t wait for our Shabbat party with Challah and grape juice!! Maybe they can set your Shabbat table as nicely as they set ours!!

Shabbat Shalom!! We will see everyone on Monday!!

Morah Pam and Morah Aimee