In order to understand the meaning behind the holiday of Yom Kippur, we read the book Sammy Spider’s First Yom Kippur by Sylvia A. Rouss.
The book present the concept of teshuvah, including saying and meaning the words I am sorry. It is presented in an accessible format, with common, easily relatable mistakes that children make such as not listening when mommy or daddy ask to clean up, or playing ball in the house, or accidentally breaking something. The discussion really resonated with the children as you could hear in their play throughout the day.

The children really enjoy giving to each other and especially as we sing our tzedakah song each morning. Through our discussions about kindness towards others, they like to imagine how people would use the tzedakah money. Your children created these lovely Tzedakah Bears to keep at home to collect their own Tzedakah. Kindly help them learn the mitzvah of giving. When our school tzedakah box is full, we will use the money to purchase things people need and give it to them. We are sure your children will enjoy doing this at home with their special Tzedakah Bear. They are so excited to watch it fill up!!

We look forward to our Sukkot preparations!! We will see you all on Thursday!! Gmar Chatima Tova. May we have an easy and meaningful fast.


Morah Yafit and Morah Fran