In the Sunflowers class we have been very busy getting ready for the holiday of Sukkot.  Today we were able to shake a real lulav and etrog.  We even had our picture taken holding a soft lulav and etrog.  We read the book  THE APPLE TREE’S DISCOVERY.  The children loved that it talked about how the apple tree  wanted to have stars around it all the time.   In the end, when an apple was  split open, there was a star inside. The children wanted to see if there really are stars inside an  apple.  Morah Aimee cut open three apples, to everyone’s surprise there was  star in each apple.   The children then enjoyed painting with the apples.

The children have also enjoyed playing in both the Shul’s real sukkah outside and the pop-up sukkah that we have inside.


Looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday.  Have a  Chag Sameach.

Morah Pam and Morah Aimee