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Row Row Row Your Boat in the Sunflower

Our unit on transportation is coming along. The children love talking about boats so much that they decided to make their own sailboat. The children used giant tongue depressors for the boat and cloth material for the sail. They glued everything onto the ocean background that they worked so hard to paint last week. The children  welcomed  Morah Debra with open arms and showed her how we hold a partners hands or feet to sing ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT.  We are so excited to have Morah Debra with us.


Yeah!! We were so excited to spend more time with Morah Jill.  The children truly enjoy their time with her. Singing and dancing is always so much fun.  After singing the HELLO song, the children enjoyed becoming leaves with the help of scarves. Each child was given a scarf to wave around just like the leaves blow in the wind and in the end they fell to the floor like leaves fall from a tree. Morah Jill held up a giant leaf and a tiny leaf and taught the children the Hebrew words for big (gadol) and  little (katan).  The children really enjoyed that.


The children continue to have a bit of a hum throughout the day after spending some time with Morah Jill.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra

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We Welcome Guests to Our Tent — Gan Parparim (Toddlers)

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The Animals Went Two by Two In Gan Prachim, The Sunflowers

The children could not get enough of the story of Noah’s Ark that they wanted to create the story in our classroom.  The children spent weeks creating the water, and the ark in which the animals and Noah’s family lived.  Painting both the ark and water was not an easy task.  Getting the right shades of blue and brown took many class discussions.  “Should the water be light blue or dark blue?” “Should the ark be light brown or dark brown?” As you can see the children chose both light and dark colors.  They enjoyed using their hands to paint everything. The children also chose which animals were to board the ark.  They chose lions, bears,  pigs, cows, sheep, and frogs.  Morah Aimee helped the children load the animals. Of course the animals went into the ark “two by two”.  The children then boarded the ark.


In this weeks Parsha,Vayeira, Avram and Sarai liked welcoming guests into their home.  The children in Gan Pracjim also enjoy welcoming guests. They were such wonderful hosts to our two guest teachers, Morah Alana and Morah Eileen, who came into our classroom home  while we wait for Monday when we can welcome Morah Debra into our classroom.

The children always enjoy a song and a jig to get us into the Shabbat mode. They love Shabbat in the Shul with Rabbi Mischel and our classroom Shabbat party each week

Have a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam and Morah Aimee

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A Sweet Treat for the Sunflowers

We are very excited to welcome our new teacher Morah Debra who will be joining us next week in our class. But first  we wanted to thank Morah Selene for all the wonderful days she spent playing and singing and reading to us. Morah Selene is so sweet so we decided to make a sweet treat in her honor. We learned from Avram and Sarai in the parsha to welcome guests and offer food, so that is just what we did for Morah Selene.

The children enjoyed making caramel apples (pareve) from scratch. Everyone took a turn adding and mixing the ingredients together.  The children brought their chairs over so they could watch from a safe distance as Morah Pam heated and stirred the ingredients.  They were fascinated as the ingredients changed color and texture. When the caramel was cool, the children again took turns dipping their apple into the caramel and then into sprinkles. Afterwards they placed their apple on wax paper to dry. The children were able to taste a small amount of the sweet caramel with a spoon.  We hope your child shared their apple with you.


Morah Pam and Morah Aimee

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Gan Tziporim Explore Vegetables and Fruits

The Fall is harvest time. We discussed this briefly during Sukkot and thought that since we are approaching Thanksgiving it would be a good topic to explore with the children. Last year when the children were in the Three’s class they had planted tomatoes and carrots and this year we were able to “harvest” their crops and enjoy tasting what had grown. The children are really enjoying all the gardening we do so we also placed a sweet potato in water to see what might happen. We have been reading about the different forms vegetables take – root, leaf, flower. We are also going to study fruits and the various forms they take. The children chose a vegetable they wanted to portray with finger paints and enjoyed the sensory feeling of using the paint. After covering their papers in their vegetable’s dominant color, they used a finger to “draw” the outline of the vegetable. We got a number of carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Another art form was used to portray the currently available fruits – apples and pears. This was done as a three dimensional creation using paper mache. After the fruits “dry” the children will choose a color to paint them.


Now that we’ve read about and discussed where and how different kinds of vegetables are grown, we wanted the children to be able to examine these vegetables up close.  We wanted them to experience the textures, smells, tastes, shapes and comparative sizes of the vegetables.  We are presenting the children with several of the vegetables at a time.  Our first array of vegetables included: a cucumber, a zucchini, a yellow squash, an acorn squash, a green cabbage, […]

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Traveling, Trees, and ABC’s in Gan Tziporim

Every morning we review the current parashah, Lech Lecha. The children have demonstrated their understanding and retention of the parashah through their ability to retell the story. With very little prompting, they can recall the names of Abraham and Sarah, Canaan, and Mitzrayim and other pertinent details. They also continued to want to dress up as Abraham and Sarah and snack in their tent.

We brought into the classroom two bins loaded with beans, lentils, and popping corn. For young children, their senses are the most familiar and basic way to explore, process, and understand new information. Their senses are used to collect data and then formulate answers to their own questions. Playing with the beans helps them with language, social, and dramatic play skills as they negotiate with one another to share “tools”, create stories, and build dialogue. Small and large motor skills are utilized as the children think of new ways to use the materials (beans). It has also proven to be quite calming. The children made “cups of tea” and added “honey”. They measured how many beans could be poured from one container to another, and a literacy project emerged as they decided to create menus for the foods they were cooking and serving.


The children continued with the tree project, painting the twigs and the roots of the tree. Once dry, we were able attach the twigs to the branches of the tree and hang all the beautiful leaves the children painted. The roots were attached to the bottom of the tree.


English and Hebrew literacy skills continued through the week.  The children practice holding their writing utensils properly.  They focused writing on particular points on their HWT practice sheets […]

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Two by Two in Gan Parparim (Toddlers)

Our week dedicated to the story of Noach and his ark concluded in grand fashion as the children peeled their own bananas in preparation for their special Shabbat snack — a banana “ark” filled with animal crackers (which marched two by two right into the children’s mouths.)

We completed our ark mural with the children selecting, naming, peeling, and placing animal stickers on the ark.  The children also created their own arks out of popsicle sticks. All of these fine motor strengthening activities used different mediums to bring the Noach story to life. The ark mural will remain in the the classroom to reinforce the names and sounds of different animals. The ark project was an exercise in fine motor and spatial skills. The edible arks utilized the senses of taste, sight, and smell.


Balance was also the theme of a new gross motor activity in the indoor play area. We laid colored tape on the floor and invited the children to try to follow the line, first walking and then jumping. The line angled under a table, which the children discovered they could follow by crawling. We also made a choo-choo train (the children loved making the “chug-a-lug” and “toot toot” sounds). Hide-and-seek became a new favorite in the playground.

As always, we concluded the week with Shabbat in the Shul with Rabbi Mischel. Ethan and Elisheva were our Shabbat Ema and Abba.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous Shabbat.

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie

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Ding Ding Ding the Fire Truck is Here in the Sunflowers

The children were so happy to see the fire truck.  The Livingston Fire Department came to visit us at IBECC this week. The fire chief told the entire school all about fire safety.  When the fire chief was finished he showed the children all the different parts of the truck, he also put on his mask that he uses when he is putting out a fire to show the children that even-though he may look and sound scary, he is not. Like your mom’s, dad’s, teacher’s, policeman, a fireman is a friend too. When the fire chief was finished talking, the children enjoyed touching all the different parts of the fire truck.

The children were so happy to meet Morah Jill. Morah Jill is our wonderful music teacher. The children enjoyed singing  all of Morah Jill’s  songs.  Some were new and some the children knew. Some of the songs the children were able to use props; like scarfs and fruits. When it was time to clean up the props, the children did in such a helpful way. Morah Jill was so impressed with how nicely the children followed directions.  Morah Jill also said that she can not wait to come back next week.  Neither can the children.

It is always an amazing week when you can begin and end your week with a song. Shabbat in the shul with Rabbi Mischel is always a treat.

Have a Shabbat Shalom

Morah Pam and Morah Aimee


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Oceans Away in the Sunflowers

It is oceans away in the Sunflowers.  The children were mesmerized as Noah’s Ark magically appeared on the wall. They sat there quietly as Morah Pam, with the help of  an overhead projector,  traced a picture of the ark on the wall.  The children then enjoyed dot painting the ark. The ark of course needs a place to sail, so the children then painted an ocean with their hands.  Getting  messy with the paint was so much fun.

The children started a unit on transportation.  Keeping in the Noah’s Ark theme, we began in the water with boats. The children were asked if they knew names any boats.  the children listed taxi boats, sailboats, and giant boats.  The  Morot said that giant boats are called ships.  The Morot also told the children that there are small boats too. A canoe and raft are just a couple of small boats that we talked about.  The children made there own rafts.  They are excited to make a canoe too.  Morah Aimee taught the children to sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” while rocking back and forth with a friend to mimic the swaying motion of a boat. The children had such an amazing time singing and swaying that they didn’t want to stop.

We are enjoying your children so much!!

Morah Pam and Morah Aimee

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Gan Tziporim Walk to Canaan

Gan Tziporim was so excited to welcome back, Morah Jill!  She injects such enthusiasm into her songs and the presentation of them.  There were songs about  “What falls in the Fall?  Leaves fall in the Fall. Down, down, down, down, down”; and also about the fruit that grows on trees.  This was really a good segue for us since we are starting to discuss the differences between fruits and vegetables, classifying them, and learning about how they grow.  We placed a sweet potato in a glass bowl with some water and the children will keep an eye on it.  We hope it grows!  We read the book, Vegetables in the Garden – A First Discovery Book, by Pascale de Bourgoing and Gallimard Jeunesse.  So far we read about root vegetables – potatoes, carrots, radishes, celeriac, beets, onions, leeks, and turnips.

Using a fun medium, shaving cream, the children got to decorate fall leaves in yet another way.  We filled a plastic bin with the shaving cream and then the children squired in fall tones of liquid watercolor paint.  They then used the wooden end of a paintbrush to swirl the colors around in the shaving cream.  The next step was to press into this mixture a cardstock leaf cutout and then, using a miniature spatula, scrape the shaving cream/watercolor mixture off of the leaf.  What was left behind was a beautiful marbleized effect!  Wait till you see our classroom tree.

We are off and running and learning about so many things!  This week we wanted to bring the parashah, Lech Lecha, to life for the […]

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