Finally, the first full week of school! And David’s 2nd birthday celebration!

We began the week with music time. First we talked about how instruments make different sounds and this is called music. The children then eagerly tried out all the instruments – cymbals, bells, shakers, banjos and tambourines. It was very interesting to watch what they did with the instruments: first, most of children shook them and heard what sound they made, then they turned them over and over in their hands and shook some more, used the table as a drum, and marched around the room. It’s clear the children love music and moving to music and we will be exploring different ways to make sounds with traditional and non-traditional instruments and fun ways to move our bodies.

David is 2! We celebrated with a class party on Tuesday where David was joined by his parents and baby sister Julia. Birthdays are always very special and at IBECC they are more so because the whole class participates in creating and participating in the celebration. The children took turns helping to made the fruit salad, the special birthday snack. David, together with his friends, decorated his birthday crown with stickers. The class also presented David with a treasure box that they decorated with dot dots and stickers. We know that David will fill this box with lots of treasures at home.

The Exploration Room is just that — a room with endless possibilities.

More to come on Friday!

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie