With all the discussion about the Torah for the past few weeks, the children continue to be enthralled. We decided to go into the shul and spend more time getting up close to the special Torah scrolls. The three’s were so excited to be able to spend time with Morah Rachelle and learn about the Sefer Torah.  They watched in awe as Morah Rachelle opened up the giant doors of the aron (ark) and showed them all the Torahs that were inside.  The children enjoyed counting all 12 Torahs.  Morah Rachelle discussed with us what the Torah is, what it is made out of, and even that the ink is special. We discussed that every item that is used to create a Torah has come from a living thing; animals, plants and trees.  After opening up the Sefer Torah and laying it on the table, each child was called up to see what the inside of the Torah looked like. The children all waited patiently for their turn.


The children ended this wonderful experience doing  their favorite dance: THE TORAH HORAH.