Monday’s weather was conducive to our theme of the week: Noach and his teva (ark).

To introduce the story, we talked about how Hashem makes it rain. Then we explained to the children how Hashem asked a kind man named Noach to build a boat for all the animals because it was going to rain for many, many days. We read All Aboard Noah’s Ark, a beautifully illustrated touch-and-feel book that depicts all of the animals Noach invited into the ark.

The story came to life for the children as they played with two different toy arks. We named the animals as the children happily alternated putting them in and then taking them out of the Arks in various combinations. We began work on our Ark mural, and even created our own table ark in the indoor play space. We’ll continue experiencing the Noach story through a variety of sensory experiences throughout the week.


We introduced a new activity: sorting, an early math skill that also develops eye-hand coordination and differentiation between size, shape, and texture. The children loved sorting rocks, sea shells, and  squares in cardboard and plastic egg cartons and spent quite a long time engaged in this low-tech learning activity.

This group of children loves music of any kind. On Monday we had our first music class with “Miss (Morah) Jill,” a truly gifted educator. She had the children clapping, marching, and giggling. We are very fortunate that she will be with us twice a month.


On Tuesday we had a visit from the fire truck, courtesy of the Livingston Fire Department. The children were so excited when we told them the fire truck was coming. We talked about how the fire truck is red and very big. Outside, while waiting for our friends from the 3s and 4s, we enjoyed hearing the crunch of the leaves as we shuffled them with our feet. The firefighters showed us the different parts of the truck and explained their job in very gentle, child-friendly terms. Of particular note, they made it clear that firefighters are friends who help us. Back in our room, the children pretended they were firefighters.



Lots more to come later this week!

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie