Gan Tziporim was so excited to welcome back, Morah Jill!  She injects such enthusiasm into her songs and the presentation of them.  There were songs about  “What falls in the Fall?  Leaves fall in the Fall. Down, down, down, down, down”; and also about the fruit that grows on trees.  This was really a good segue for us since we are starting to discuss the differences between fruits and vegetables, classifying them, and learning about how they grow.  We placed a sweet potato in a glass bowl with some water and the children will keep an eye on it.  We hope it grows!  We read the book, Vegetables in the Garden – A First Discovery Book, by Pascale de Bourgoing and Gallimard Jeunesse.  So far we read about root vegetables – potatoes, carrots, radishes, celeriac, beets, onions, leeks, and turnips.

Using a fun medium, shaving cream, the children got to decorate fall leaves in yet another way.  We filled a plastic bin with the shaving cream and then the children squired in fall tones of liquid watercolor paint.  They then used the wooden end of a paintbrush to swirl the colors around in the shaving cream.  The next step was to press into this mixture a cardstock leaf cutout and then, using a miniature spatula, scrape the shaving cream/watercolor mixture off of the leaf.  What was left behind was a beautiful marbleized effect!  Wait till you see our classroom tree.

We are off and running and learning about so many things!  This week we wanted to bring the parashah, Lech Lecha, to life for the children.  After reading about Abram and Sarai leaving their homeland to go to Canaan, as G-d instructed, the children were presented with the opportunity to act out the story.  They dressed up in robes and headgear from ancient times and walked the long distance to Canaan (the discovery room).  We carried our “tent” (our little sukkah) along with us as Abram and Sarai would have done, and the children sat inside and ate their snack.  It was really a lot of fun!   And when we returned to our classroom a number of the children wanted to continue acting out the story.  The tent will remain a tent throughout the week and the costumes will also remain available.

The wonderful Livingston Fire Department paid us a visit.  They spoke so clearly and respectfully to the children, asking questions and demonstrating the use of the air tank and breathing mask.  They want the children to see them as friends and not to be frightened of a strange man wearing a mask.  The firefighter speaker even went around giving the children high fives to make sure they would not experience fear.  They also showed the children the axe and a multi-purpose tool that breaks down doorways.  Of course the children were hugely excited to receive their firefighter hat.


Morah Yafit is teaching the children the Hebrew aleph-bet.  They each received a sheet with a large aleph printed on it.  The children traced around the letter and then were taught three words that begin with an aleph – avati’ach (watermelon), aryeh (lion), and agas (pear).  The children found the aleph letters in the words on their papers and then received an aleph sticker.

Oh boy!  The children had such a good time playing with the mud in our outdoor classroom/garden. They really got into it!  No one had an aversion to dirt in this class.

Looking forward to more!!

Morah Yafit and Morah Fran