It is oceans away in the Sunflowers.  The children were mesmerized as Noah’s Ark magically appeared on the wall. They sat there quietly as Morah Pam, with the help of  an overhead projector,  traced a picture of the ark on the wall.  The children then enjoyed dot painting the ark. The ark of course needs a place to sail, so the children then painted an ocean with their hands.  Getting  messy with the paint was so much fun.

The children started a unit on transportation.  Keeping in the Noah’s Ark theme, we began in the water with boats. The children were asked if they knew names any boats.  the children listed taxi boats, sailboats, and giant boats.  The  Morot said that giant boats are called ships.  The Morot also told the children that there are small boats too. A canoe and raft are just a couple of small boats that we talked about.  The children made there own rafts.  They are excited to make a canoe too.  Morah Aimee taught the children to sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” while rocking back and forth with a friend to mimic the swaying motion of a boat. The children had such an amazing time singing and swaying that they didn’t want to stop.

We are enjoying your children so much!!

Morah Pam and Morah Aimee