We are very excited to welcome our new teacher Morah Debra who will be joining us next week in our class. But first  we wanted to thank Morah Selene for all the wonderful days she spent playing and singing and reading to us. Morah Selene is so sweet so we decided to make a sweet treat in her honor. We learned from Avram and Sarai in the parsha to welcome guests and offer food, so that is just what we did for Morah Selene.

The children enjoyed making caramel apples (pareve) from scratch. Everyone took a turn adding and mixing the ingredients together.  The children brought their chairs over so they could watch from a safe distance as Morah Pam heated and stirred the ingredients.  They were fascinated as the ingredients changed color and texture. When the caramel was cool, the children again took turns dipping their apple into the caramel and then into sprinkles. Afterwards they placed their apple on wax paper to dry. The children were able to taste a small amount of the sweet caramel with a spoon.  We hope your child shared their apple with you.


Morah Pam and Morah Aimee