The children could not get enough of the story of Noah’s Ark that they wanted to create the story in our classroom.  The children spent weeks creating the water, and the ark in which the animals and Noah’s family lived.  Painting both the ark and water was not an easy task.  Getting the right shades of blue and brown took many class discussions.  “Should the water be light blue or dark blue?” “Should the ark be light brown or dark brown?” As you can see the children chose both light and dark colors.  They enjoyed using their hands to paint everything. The children also chose which animals were to board the ark.  They chose lions, bears,  pigs, cows, sheep, and frogs.  Morah Aimee helped the children load the animals. Of course the animals went into the ark “two by two”.  The children then boarded the ark.


In this weeks Parsha,Vayeira, Avram and Sarai liked welcoming guests into their home.  The children in Gan Pracjim also enjoy welcoming guests. They were such wonderful hosts to our two guest teachers, Morah Alana and Morah Eileen, who came into our classroom home  while we wait for Monday when we can welcome Morah Debra into our classroom.

The children always enjoy a song and a jig to get us into the Shabbat mode. They love Shabbat in the Shul with Rabbi Mischel and our classroom Shabbat party each week

Have a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam and Morah Aimee