Our unit on transportation is coming along. The children love talking about boats so much that they decided to make their own sailboat. The children used giant tongue depressors for the boat and cloth material for the sail. They glued everything onto the ocean background that they worked so hard to paint last week. The children  welcomed  Morah Debra with open arms and showed her how we hold a partners hands or feet to sing ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT.  We are so excited to have Morah Debra with us.


Yeah!! We were so excited to spend more time with Morah Jill.  The children truly enjoy their time with her. Singing and dancing is always so much fun.  After singing the HELLO song, the children enjoyed becoming leaves with the help of scarves. Each child was given a scarf to wave around just like the leaves blow in the wind and in the end they fell to the floor like leaves fall from a tree. Morah Jill held up a giant leaf and a tiny leaf and taught the children the Hebrew words for big (gadol) and  little (katan).  The children really enjoyed that.


The children continue to have a bit of a hum throughout the day after spending some time with Morah Jill.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra