Thank you to Asher and his family for providing bananas for our healthy snack this week. And peeling bananas is a great fine motor activity!

This week we enjoyed a spirited music session with Morah Jill. We even used our Stop Lollipop. It’s clear that music really speaks to the children, and we encourage this appreciation through instrument play and background music throughout the day. Morah Jill is also going to share lyrics of the songs she sings so that we can incorporate them into our classroom songfests.

More stop practice. Many of the children are putting their hands up in the stop position when they see the sign. We introduced the color green by using the “go” side of the renamed “stop and go” lollipop. To reinforce recognition of these colors we read  Red Apple, Green Pear (Scholastic) and Elmos’s First Book of Colors (Sesame Street) and created a green road by dipping dump trucks (class favorites) in green paint. This activity elicited a lot of giggles (as well as green hands).

Speaking of colors, the children love our “magic rainbow rope” (they chose the name). This rope helps us safely cross the parking lot and street when we go to the playground.  It also promotes color recognition and teamwork, as the children help each other find a handle.

On Wednesday and Thursday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent as much time as possible outdoors.  The children colored with green chalk and became excavators as they dug up dirt and transferred it into cups, which required strong grips and balancing the cups.

We Morahs are looking forward to our professional development day. We know it will deepen our understanding of your children’s developmental stage and give us new ideas to use in our class. We will be closed tomorrow. We look forward to welcoming back all the smiling faces on Monday.

Wishing you a joyous and peaceful Shabbat.

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie