Now that our sailboat has set sail,  the children have to wait for the sailboat to catch up to the rest of the fleet.

While that happens, the children have been sweating away making and paving a road as our unit on transportation continues.  Making a road took a lot of effort. First the children had to dig the dirt and pat it smooth and then the children paved the road by spreading the tar (paint). Fortunately, the tar wasn’t so hot because the children had a wonderful time using their hands. We then had a discussion about the different uses for a road. The children liked  that we can walk on a road, pull a cart, and most importantly drive a car on the road. The children then told their teachers all the different types of vehicles they know about.  Trucks, minivans, small cars and, of course the all time favorite, a race car. Apparently all the children like to go super fast. Morah Pam taught everybody a special car song.   ZOOM ZOOM RIDING IN THE CAR… The children enjoyed sharing where they like to go in the car with their moms and dads. The children enjoy going to the ice cream store, the cookie store, the park, and Morah Pam’s favorite store, Trader Joe’s. The children truly enjoy spending time with you while going to different places.

The children are excited to start learning about Thanksgiving.

We will see you all on Monday. Enjoy the long weekend.

Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, Morah Debra