This week we will continue our exploration of red and green. On Monday, the children chose red and green objects and put them in a box. We are inviting small groups of children to feel and name the objects and their color. The box is available for the children to play with throughout the week.


The children are beginning to learn the songs that Morah Jill sings and had a great time moving their bodies while pretending to be leaves.


Each time we visit the Exploration Room, we offer the children different materials to play with.  On this visit, we turned on the overhead projector and placed a clear egg carton on top, which created a mosaic. The children took turns putting translucent colored chips in the egg carton cups and to their amazement, the colors appeared on the mosaic on the wall. Many of them walked up to the wall to touch the color and you could see they were trying to figure out how it got there. This activity involved fine motor development (putting the chips in the clear cups), color recognition, and imagination. The children also discovered they could make “snow” by pulling apart a piece of styrofoam. Then we “shoveled” the snow (using a broom and dustpan) off the table.


The Five Little Monkeys book is a favorite of the children; today a monkey came to visit while we were reading the story!