It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here!  Time passes quickly when one is experiencing a positive learning and social environment.  From the time the children arrive in the morning until the time they leave, everyone (including the Morahs) is involved in happy, purposeful activity.  The children enjoy being together so much and collaborate incredibly well.  They share ideas and work out most issues relatively quickly.  The pictures that are posted really tell the story.  Though the children built the Mayflower a week ago or so,  they were not done with it.  They continued to build and rebuild it, adding to it and refining their work.  Our friend, Bob, had visited last week to do some repairs on our sukkah/tent.  He needed to glue and clamp two pieces of wood that had split. The children incorporated Bob’s clamp, which he had left for them to use and explore some more, in addition to the usual tools.  They found new pieces of wood/laminate which had been donated to us, which they incorporated into the main structure of the ship.  Toy animals and people became the passengers.  This went on for several days, with the structure being left overnight to return to (and fiddle with) the next day.


After having discussed the Lenape tribe and the Wampanoag tribe, we looked at some patterns the native tribes used and also their pictograph symbols. When European explorers arrived in America, Native Americans did not communicate through writing as we know it. Instead, they told stories (oral histories) and created pictures and symbols.  The children created a lovely gift to be used on their family’s Thanksgiving table.  They decorated the border of their plates with these designs and symbols. This took practice (on a white paper plate) and careful deliberation. The children drew symbols for the sun, summer, moon, rainbow, and various small vegetables as well as geometric designs.  They then chose a vegetable that they had been learning about in class, to decorate the center of their plate.  They drew carrots, potatoes, onions, and cabbages.

The children also were able to bake something appetizing to place on the plates.  They worked together as a team to produce a yummy pumpkin bread.  The recipe was written out for them and they read and reviewed the recipe as they added each ingredient.  Everyone took part in the mathematics of measuring out the ingredients and the science of observing the reaction which occurs when the ingredients are blended together.  Yummy!  We hope you enjoy your holiday treats and treasure.


Thank you all for being so responsive and sending into school the vegetables that we requested.  The children enjoyed cutting up the carrots, potatoes and zucchini.  They also tore up cabbage leaves that we had left over from our study of vegetables. They still enjoyed eating the cabbage leaves.  Morah Yafit bravely cut up the onion. Then the children poured a can of corn and Manischewitz Minestrone Soup Mix into the pot of vegetables.  We took the pot of vegetables up to the kitchen to add water and cook. Prior to preparing our ingredients, Morah Fran read the books, Soup Day by Melissa Iwai, and Edible Numbers – Count. Learn. Eat. by Jennifer Vogel Bass.  Both books were great precursors to the making our own vegetable soup!  Our soup will be a great addition to our school wide Thanksgiving Feast.


We wish all of our families a peaceful and loving Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Morah Yafit and Morah Fran