What better way to start Hanukkah than a wonderful singing session with Morah Jill!  There were songs and games about dreidels.  Hanukkah candles glowed and danced and finally melted.  And who could resist “five little latkes sizzling in a pan!”  This all occurred first thing Monday morning and set the mood for the week.


The children learned several games this week relating to the Hanukkah theme.  They continued practicing spinning their dreidels in order to improve on their skill when playing the dreidel game.  This game and several other games twhich were played at the Hanukkah  aught the children many things.  The children learned how to follow directions, math skills were used to count how many chocolate chips they lost or won,  patience and waiting for one’s turn was introduced as necessary qualities, and good fine motor ability and eye/hand coordination was required to get a dreidel to spin. The children enjoyed decorating some of the game boards with watercolors, crayons, and markers.

The letter “Hh” has been introduced in written and verbal form.  The children are also being exposed to the lower case “h” and getting a little practice with that as well.  The initial phonics sound for “H” was explained as the sound we make when we laugh. Words such as: hammer, heart, hurt, horse and hat were thought up.  The children practiced writing the letter.

Plain wooden blocks are the most wonderful open-ended toy in existence.  These pictures demonstrate the variety of things the children have thought up, either alone, or in collaboration with other children.

An informative and entertaining time was had by all with Rabbi G and the olive press.  The children were able to squeeze the olives and witness the juice coming out.  Then they saw how the olive press was used to really squeeze out the oil containing juice.  The juice was put into a test tube and place in the centrifugal machine which separated the liquid and oil.  The miracles of Hanukkah were retold as well, especially the significance of the oil.  Many of the children were chosen as helpers and they were proud to have this responsibility.

Baking is always fun, but adding to that aspect, is learning to be thoughtful and appreciative of the people in our community.  So we set about baking cookies as a thank you to the people who have been supportive to us in our community. We will be thanking Mr. Bob for his contributions to our classroom, as well as our wonderful office staff.  We worked together with the children in the Butterfly class to measure, mix-in, and stir.  We hope our community friends will enjoy them!