(Guest writer. Morah Fran is so much better!! Thank you Morah Yafit for helping me to share what your students are doing.)

Thank you to our special guest, Morah Lilli! We love you! Thank you for being here with us!!

Well, it’s cold outside! And this makes us think about how warm it is inside, and what do animals do because they don’t have warm cozy homes as we do.

Ever our builders, Gan Tziporim got right to work this week making houses for the animals that are safe for the winter. The children really enjoy their collaborative method of learning. And they are really good at it. They speak to each other respectively, taking turns listening to each other and finding solutions to whatever arises. These skills are important as we go through life.

And as these friends have been together for the past few years, they have really bonded. When it comes time to birthdays, they truly enjoy celebrating their friends. They honor their friends by creating a beautiful gift to honor this special day and to remember their special friendship. This week the children celebrated their friend Lauren as she turned five by creating this beautiful keepsake box for her special things. Happy Birthday, Lauren!! We love you!!

And the party really got started baking as they baked a cake for Lauren’s birthday. Delish!

Lot’s of learning! Morah Lilli was so impressed with how well the children are recognizing letters and writing their names- first and last!!

And with how much Hebrew they speak with Morah Yafit!

Thank you for coming last night!!

Shabbat Shalom!!