We love mixing!! We love making things!! So we decided to make play dough! All that measuring and observing what happens, seeing the changes. Science and math alive int eh classroom! Stem at it’s best. And the turn taking and the team building!!

And then we get to play with it!! The children get so creative! Play dough is very forgiving in more ways than one. If you make a mistake you can always start again. This is a message we share with the children all the time. We can always try again. And the sky is the limit with what we can create!

We were so excited to see the snow outside so we decided to make our own.

Spraying, pouring, mixing and squishing.

It felt so cool!

When we went outside to see the real snow, it was exciting. We could dance in it and open our mouths to taste it but since there was not that much snow, we didn’t get to wet.

Next, we went to check on our garden. Guess what!! The Yeladim found ice in the garden! They collected the ice so we could observe what will happened to the ice.

We went into the class and make our own ice. When we asked the children how to make it they responded, “Water and the freezer!!” So smart!

This week we are focusing on another great letter, the letter ” I “. Morah Lilli read the book  Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni. The yeladim knew so many words that begin with the letter I. How funny that this was the week that we found Ice!