Our exploration of winter continues. The children dug for snowballs and snowflakes in the sand table and had an icy treat for snack. We sang winter songs with Morah Jill.

Every day we bundle up and play outside. With many of the children now wearing mittens (or gloves), it was only appropriate that we read The Mitten by Jan Brett. We then decided it would be fun to create our own mittens. Since the children love working with play dough, our mittens will be dough based. Morah Yafit gave us a new recipe that we are making this week.


The children love to bake and are becoming more confident with measuring, adding in, and mixing the ingredients. On Tuesday, we joined the 3s and made “snow” cookies, courtesy of confectioner’s sugar the children sifted themselves. Yum.



Whether outdoors or indoors, the children engage in gross motor play every day. Teamwork (and a lot of squealing), played a big part in the children’s scooter play. It was fascinating to watch the children figure out how to hold hands and scoot in unison, and is evidence of their growing ability to engage in group, rather than parallel, play.