Winter has finally arrived. We have had a little taste of it with the cold weather and even some snow flurries. Since there wasn’t enough snow to bring into our classroom, we decided we wanted to make our own snowy world. So we took out many different types of white materials that we have and got started making a winter collage

Feeling the different textures encouraged us to use descriptive words and to compare things to how snow and ice feel. What things are cold like snow? What things are sharp and bumpy like ice and frozen snowballs? What things are malleable and moldable like snow? What things can you use to build a snowman?

So then we decided to paint a snow masterpiece. We enjoyed using different strokes and brushes and adding different decorations.

Then we decided to hang up our artwork and name it. You can visit our snowy displays in our art galleries in the lobby and in our classroom.

When we went outdoors we made an interesting observation. The ice outside melted the yeladim were very excited to play with the water.

Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Yafit and Morah Fran