Thank you to Ethan and the entire Sternberg family for gifting Brain Flakes to our class. This alternative to blocks is a construction toy that lets imaginations run wild. The discs clip together and then pull apart. Right now the class is enjoying taking them apart and sorting them.

Our cozy corner has been busy.  The way the children tenderly wrap their “babies” in blankets is a tribute to the love they feel at home. And everyone knows of Baby Becca, Aryeh’s real-life baby sister. The corner includes our bookshelf, and  the children can increasingly be found “reading” on the comfy green carpet and around the room.

Speaking of books, the children are insistent that snack and lunch time include story time. In keeping with our winter theme, this week we read The Snowy Day. Because we have been talking about mittens, we introduced a mitten matching game designed to foster color recognition.

As a companion to the game, each child decorated a (paper) mitten. The children chose the color of construction paper they wanted to use (we said the name of the color together), and the type of glue brush and textures to add to their mitten. As much as possible, we give the children freedom to make their own decisions, which is so important for their development.

And, there’s nothing like a crisp winter day for some outdoor fun.

Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie