The Sunflowers have been having a wonderful time hearing all the different ways that animals hibernate through the different poems and songs that the Morot have shared with the class. Watching the excitement and enthusiasm on the children’s faces as they act them out has been amazing.  The children couldn’t wait to hear the next lyric.

Please feel free to ask your child to act out and recite and sing for you.  They may need some help with the words.


The children continued to have fun with the hibernation theme by building their own cave and hibernating inside of it until it was time to wake up (springtime).  We took the chairs from around our tables and unfolded a tablecloth and laid it over the chairs.

Morah Aimee took some of the Sunflowers into the Toddler’s classroom to share some of our winter poems and songs with them. Hearing the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”  for the first time was so much fun especially when the goats were able to trick the troll and crossover the bridge and eat the green grass.  The Toddlers truly enjoyed having Morah Aimee and the Sunflowers visit their classroom.  Of course, so did all of the Sunflowers.

The children continue to show off their dexterity by using their hands to string more buttons on the strings, picking up and sorting the pegs by color ( green, blue, red, and yellow) and then placing them in the corresponding color on the matching board, using their imagination to build cars, houses, a cave for the hibernating bears out of the design sticks, and had fun creating a city with the longest train.


The children went hunting for hibernating bears in our tub of sleeping bears covered with shaving cream. They placed a hand into the tub and grabbed a handful of plastic bears. Before returning them to the tub they had to count how many bears they had scooped up. They then made beautiful pictures on a piece of paper with the leftover shaving cream that was on their hands. They had so much fun with the shaving cream that they didn’t want to stop.

Shabbat with the Rabbi is always an enjoyable time for the children. These last two weeks we have been fortunate to have Moreh Tamir join us. Having both the Rabbi and Moreh Tamir play their guitars together has been a real treat.  After we sang and danced to our regular Shabbat songs, the children were treated to a special song from Moreh Tamir.  Watching the children dance and join in the song was magical.


Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra