The children are reviewing the Hebrew letters they have learned so far and are creating a book which will eventually include all the letters they will learn this year.  So far they have reviewed aleph and bet and also some words that begin with these letters – for bet we have balone (balloon), bayit (house), and bahnahnah (banana).  The children have also been asking to write in their journals.  Besides some of their own ideas for stories, we have been guiding them by asking them to draw a self-portrait and then answering questions about themselves.  They have provided their full names, where they live, age, who they live with, eye and hair color, and favorite foods and toys. It will be fun to check these journals out in several years to learn who they were at age four and five.




 We don’t know if the children are experimenting with height or were influenced by the pictures and fantasy play about Rapunzel that has been very popular in our class! They usually build structures with the blocks that are lower and spread out but now there is this tower.  They understood that there was a limit with how tall the structure would be before it would topple over.  Great math/physics problems.  


Quill, the seeing eye puppy came for a visit.  Her trainer explained all about blind people and how they have a need for help in getting around.  The dogs are highly trained to ignore distractions and listen only to their owner’s commands.  She read a book about how a seeing eye dog gets training and what it is allowed and not allowed to do,


Our friend Bob came for another visit.  This time he helped us use plaster to create flower pots. This is another extension of using a variety of “building” materials,  These will be decorated by the children and as is the custom for Tu B’Shevat,  a lovely flowering plant will be taken home as a gift.  Bob also brought his guitar and ukulele and taught us some funny songs. We all had a great time.