The highlight of our week was meeting and petting Quill, a beautiful seeing eye puppy fostered by Sharon Kessel. In preparation for his visit, we talked about how some dogs are helpers for people whose eyes don’t work very well. (When Ethan heard the word “helper,” he said, “like the rabbi.”)  We also read Spot Goes to the Circus.

Not only did the children have the opportunity to pet him (the fur was soft), they were also able to see and touch a harness and cane. It was a truly memorable experience that brought doing mitzvot to life.


We continued our focus on Tu B’Shevat. Every day we sang “Happy Birthday Dear Trees.” We began making our own trees using natural materials and loose parts. The wood chips and tree stump figured prominently in our free play.



And finally, we returned to the Exploration Room to investigate its newest addition- an engaging hands on activity board created with love by the ingenious Sheina Herrara, mother of Shalom Nissim and Elisheva. This amazing activity board represents what the Exploration Room is all about: the opportunity for the children to examine by touch, sight, and sound the use of every day objects. Thank you, Sheina, for this invaluable addition to IBEEC.



Elisheva was Shabbat Ema and Aryeh was Shabbat Abba. The dinosaur once again came to visit as well as some animals on their way to shul.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous Shabbat.

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie