We were so excited to come back to school this week. We welcomed back the children and they welcomed the teachers. Everyone had a chance to share what they did over the break.

We reviewed our discussion about hibernating. We remembered that it is very hard for animals to find food outdoors in the winter time. The ground may be frozen. Many plants and berries don’t grow. Lakes and streams may freeze over and the animals can’t find fish and underwater plants to eat. So, many animals hibernate; they take a long winter rest. Their heart slow down and their breathing slows down and they do not need so much food to eat. The children in the Sunflower class love to practice hibernating!! They may even ask you to join them!!

We finished up our unit on hibernation and we started to talk about Groundhog Day. The Morot explained to the children the myth that if a groundhog comes out of his home and sees if he sees his shadow, there could be 6 more weeks of Winter. If he does not, then Spring could come early. Using the overhead projector, we tried to find our own shadows. Each of the children had a turn to stand in front of the light and each of them struck a pose! This was so much fun.

The children created a groundhog puppet using a paper bag.They glued on his eyes, ears, and a nose. They also glued on his body and BIG white teeth. After they were dry, we got to play with them and make them move.

We also sang 2 songs about a groundhogs: