The children started learning a new letter this week, the letter “Cc”.  It is a fairly easy letter to write and all of the children were able to execute it with no difficulty.  Since the lower case “c” is the same (except for size) to the upper case “C”,  there is no problem with recognition.  The children also worked on sound recognition.  They identified the pictures on a worksheet that had the initial “C” sound – cup, candy, comb, camera, etc.  Most of the children could understand the initial sound difference between words such as cap and ball.  Practice identifying “C” words at home would be beneficial.


The children also had practice with the Hebrew alef bet.  They learned the letter “hey” and learned its sound by saying the words: hadas – myrtle; har – mountain; and Havdalah.  Pictures were pasted on the sheet with the large “hey” and the children found the matching words and cut and pasted them next to the correct picture. This exercise gives practice with vocabulary as well as letter sound.


Working with clay is a good sensory/fine motor activity as well as a great creative outlet.  The children were able to create whatever came to their minds using both soft clay and also adding to pieces they had created several months ago (beads, pipe cleaners and styrofoam were also part of these pieces).  There were free form pieces as well as tea pots, tea cups and challah.


The children spend a great deal of free play time building with blocks.  They are constantly adding to and refining the stories connected to the block building.  We have continued with our study of animals in winter and the children have taken this theme and incorporated it into their fantasy/block play.  They have built and reworked a special winter house for the animals.  Along this theme, we also shared the myth about the groundhog seeing his shadow. Groundhog Day occurred this past Shabbat and no shadow was seen so an early spring is indicated. We did explain to the children that this is just a nice story and there is no real truth to it.  The groundhog hibernates during the winter months.  We showed some videos of the groundhog and read a lovely book called, Brownie Groundhog and the Wintry Surprise, by Susan Blackaby.  We also found a song to go along with our hibernating groundhog, Oh Groundhog by Lisa Loeb.  Check for it on youtube.


So wonderful to be able to play outdoors again!  The children were happy to explore our outdoor classroom and see what has been happening since our cold spell last week.  They found a big block of ice and put it into a bucket so they could observe what would happen overnight.  They saw the next day that it had melted due to our warming temperatures.  They also used mud and pieces of log to bake mud pies and mud cookies.  Yummy!  This was a great example of cooperative play.