We talked to the children about the new month of Adar that started this week.  We had sung a song with the Rabbi on Monday, about Adar being the happy month.  Now we explained that the holiday of Purim takes place during this month and that it is a very lively and happy celebration.  Next, we took out some Purim decorations and saw that we could transform our sukkah into the castle of Shushan.  The children were happy and excited to decorate our sukkah structure with beautiful pieces of material.  They all chose what they wanted to put onto the sukkah, and where they wanted it.  Morah Deborah (from the Three’s class) had come to help our class and showed the children how to make flowers out of the pink gauzy material.  Ella wanted our structure to look like a chuppah and it does bear a resemblance to one.

The Hebrew letter, Vav, was introduced this week.  The children learned the new vocabulary for this letter:  vered – rose; varod – pink; vilon – curtain.  They are accumulating pages for their Hebrew Aleph Bet book.

The children continue to add pictures and dictation to their journals. We encourage them to use their imaginations to tell their stories and to also think about the things that are happening in their lives and to use those ideas to write stories.

Two new games were presented to our class this week- a giant wooden Connect Four game and a large Tic-Tac-Toe mat, and also a set of giant wooden dice. The children found new uses for parts of the tow games. They very much enjoy acting out scenes with the wood blocks and the people figures. They added the giant wooden die and the mat from the Tic-Tac-Toe game. The mat became the “house” for their people figures and the die became a part of their furnishings.

Thank you to Ella for sharing her book about Purim with us.

We wish you a calm and restful Shabbat and weekend.

Morah Fran and Morah Yafit