This week has been very busy.

We had lots of sensory fun. At the sand table, we observed how the children are getting more proficient in using a wide variety of sand tools and pouring sand from cup to cup or into bottles, which helps to develop eye-hand coordination.

We have also incorporated muscle strengthening activities into our play on a daily basis. In preparation for Parent-Teacher conferences, the children squeezed frosting tubes to decorate the cake they had made for their parents.

In the upstairs play space (social hall), they balanced on alef bet foam blocks, “pushed” the wall, scooted on scooters, and gave their friends rides on the parachute, which helps to develop upper body and leg muscles.


In all of our play, we identify the colors we are learning. Red, green, blue, and yellow frosting on our cake and rainbow sprinkles to top things off. In the “throw the bean bag into the bucket” game (another eye-hand coordination exercise), the children identified the color of each bean bag. And, of course, we named the colors of the parachute.

And finally, we formally introduced the concept of doing mitzvot. We talked about mitzvot we can do at school — sharing toys, helping a friend to feel better if they get a boo-boo (hugs), giving tzedekah, and celebrating Shabbat. Each time a child does a mitzvah, we acknowledge it by saying “what a mitzvah you did by sharing that toy” or “what a mitzvah boy/girl you are for helping your friend feel better.” We will soon begin the practice of sending “You Did a Mitzvah” notes home for your children to share with you.

Wishing you a joyous and peaceful Shabbat,

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie