The children are enjoying the addition of learning songs that go with the letters in the alphabet, which will help with letter recognition during circle time.  This week we are learning the letters C and D. Each week we will be adding one or two new letters.  We will also be adding songs to help the children strengthen their knowledge of their colors.  This week the children chose the color PURPLE.

“OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM…”  The children have just begun a unit on farm animals.  Everyone enjoyed singing the song and picking an animal to add to the song.  All the sunflowers are excited to make their own farm filled with animals.  The first animal was a cow.  Sheep and pig will be next.

The children enjoyed fulfilling the mitzvah of HACHNASOT ORCHIM by welcoming the Little Beginners into our classroom for some free play and songs on the carpet.  Morah Aimee led a fun sing – a – long where all the children participated, especially with the hand motions. THE WHEELS ON THE BUS  and  IF YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT are always a favorite.  For those Sunflowers who have a sibling in the Little Beginners class, it was wonderful to see how much love they have for their siblings.

Shabbat with Morah Aimee was so much fun.  Singing all of our favorite songs and of course dancing is always a blast.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra