The children made many choices while putting together their groggers. They had already chosen the container for their grogger and the sounds (beans, rice and beads) that their grogger would make when shaken. The next step was to decorate the outside of the container. A variety of colorful paper was provided and the children cut and glued it on in their own imaginative way. A Styrofoam ball had been hot-glued to the top or ends of the containers to keep in the beans, etc., and to provide a head. The children chose the “hair” they wanted for the head and a picture of their own faces wearing a funny expression was also glued to the head. How cute!

Several weeks ago we had done an experiment to see how beans sprout roots.  The beans were placed on a wet paper towel and then enclosed in a zip-lock bag. They were then left on our windowsill.  When we checked them after a week, nothing had happened.  We decided to leave them on the windowsill for a while longer.  When we checked again it seemed that the beans had started to get moldy and we thought the experiment had not worked.  But on further examination, we discovered that a number of the beans had actually sprouted not only roots, but also stems and the beginnings of leaves!  So it was time to plant these in soil and watch them grow.  We also discovered that a sweet potato that had been brought in sprouting some roots, had also grown some leaves as well.  We also planted it in soil.  We will have to keep watch to see how well our new plants grow.

The children decided that the groggers required some more “bling”! Some jewel-like materials were given to them, as well as fancy ribbons, and they happily set to work.

A Mitzvah project was offered to our class – Mishloach Manot baskets are to be delivered to those in the community who would otherwise not receive them. Our children were asked to decorate cards to go along with them. They drew lovely pictures of hamantashen, groggers, masks, queens, and the Shushan Palace. They did a wonderful job writing Happy Purim as well.

Hebrew with Morah Yafit; the letter CHET ; the word of the week : cat – chatul, challah and window – chalon