Fish are now swimming in our fish tanks! As the final step in our Dr. Seuss One Fish, Two Fish project, the children chose a variety of colored fish to glue on to their fish tank. They can’t wait to show it to you at our Dr. Seuss party on Friday, March 1, at 12:15 p.m. Then, using dot dots, crayons, and markers, and working at both the table and the easel (children’s choice), we decorated bigger fish that we will use for a special game during the party.

During snack we read The Story of Purim and identified the main characters. Before introducing the major Purim symbols using the Purim symbols chart, we talked about Chanukah. Why? To help the children understand that each holiday has its own traditions and mitzvot. The children remembered that on Chanukah we light a Chanukiah with candles and eat latkes. Using the chart, we talked about two of the traditions associated with Purim: eating hamantaschen and reading the megillah. We will add new concepts every day.

Another Purim activity focused on sound, a precursor to making groggers. In the Exploration Room, we filled large laundry containers with heavy drawer handles. When we shook them, they made a very loud noise! Then we filled them with pompoms. We couldn’t hear a thing! Banging on the table in the upstairs play area created a different sound – not as loud as drawer handles but not as soft as pompoms.