How many ways can the Palace of Shushan be created? According to the children of Gan Tziporim – dozens! Inspired by the book, It’s Purim Time! by Latifa Berry Kropf, the children wanted to use the same kind of cardboard blocks photographed in the book to build their own palace. Luckily our school owns a large amount of these blocks and we brought them to our room. The children were delighted and set right to work. They experimented with height and width, and also added some of our wooden blocks that replicated the archways and curved windows they had seen in the photos of Middle-Eastern castles we had printed up from the internet.

Morah Rachelle thought that the Synagogue lobby could benefit from some Purim gaiety.  Large cardboard boxes, silver acrylic paint, and brushes were placed on a table, and like a magnet, the children were drawn to the fun of painting the boxes.  We also had beautiful gold and silver cloth, and these were used to cover some more boxes. It’s fun to use a variety of materials and textures when executing these projects.  We were able to repurpose some cardboard crates from a previous year, to add a proper roof to our palace.  Next on the agenda was to get all the pieces upstairs to the lobby and assemble them all together.  The children took pride in their work.


And yet another Shushan Palace!  This time the children were excited to have our own classroom palace.  For this project we happened upon some cardboard tubes that were sturdy and just the right color for Middle-Eastern architecture.  The children used their fine cutting skills to cut out arched windows from copper-colored foil paper.  They then glued them onto the cardboard tubes.  Small styrofoam balls were painted gold and glued atop the tubes.  Another  cardboard crate was transformed with gold and copper paint, into a great facsimile of a palace.  With the decorated tubes, our palace is stunning!

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, we have had a marathon of Dr. Seuss books – Dr. Seuss’s ABC, Ten Apples Up On Top, One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, and Hooper Humperdink . . . Not?.  The children are really enthralled with his books and find them quite amusing.  They love the funny animals, silly words, and great rhymes.  We also read the book, Dr. Seuss We Love You by Patricia Stone Martin, a biography for young children.  We learned that Dr. Seuss drew funny pictures of people and animals even when he was a little boy.  The children also thought up some funny stories and drew some illustrations for them.  We hope to put their efforts into a little book that we can print up for their families to read.  The children have been learning how to play a board game.  We have the game, The Cat in the Hat Game.  The children have learned how to spin a spinner in order to move their game piece, how to take turns, how to follow instructions, and how to keep their game pieces on the board so they are ready for their next turn.  They have learned many good and new skills, among them, recognizing lower case letters.

Enjoy a peaceful Shabbat. Morah Fran and Morah Yafit