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First days in the Little Beginners

We were so busy the first day of school, we met all our new friends, Morah’s and played in our classroom. We had fun dot painting playing in the kitchen and rolling and squeezing our play dough and lots of singing and books.

Snack was so yummy! Animal crackers and circle crackers.


Playing hide and seek together.


Bubble time fun! We loved popping and chasing after the bubbles.

Having fun playing in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.

We had fun drawing with crayons.

Have a great Shabbat! We will see you next Tuesday!

Morah Deena and Morah Kerry

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Cooperative Learning in Gan Tziporim

The children started learning a new letter this week, the letter “Cc”.  It is a fairly easy letter to write and all of the children were able to execute it with no difficulty.  Since the lower case “c” is the same (except for size) to the upper case “C”,  there is no problem with recognition.  The children also worked on sound recognition.  They identified the pictures on a worksheet that had the initial “C” sound – cup, candy, comb, camera, etc.  Most of the children could understand the initial sound difference between words such as cap and ball.  Practice identifying “C” words at home would be beneficial.


The children also had practice with the Hebrew alef bet.  They learned the letter “hey” and learned its sound by saying the words: hadas – myrtle; har – mountain; and Havdalah.  Pictures were pasted on the sheet with the large “hey” and the children found the matching words and cut and pasted them next to the correct picture. This exercise gives practice with vocabulary as well as letter sound.


Working with clay is a good sensory/fine motor activity as well as a great creative outlet.  The children were able to create whatever came to their minds using both soft clay and also adding to pieces they had created several months ago (beads, pipe cleaners and styrofoam were also part of these pieces).  There were free form pieces as well as tea pots, tea cups and challah.


The children spend a great deal of free play time building with blocks.  They are constantly adding to and refining the stories connected to the block building.  We have continued with our study of animals in winter and the children have taken this theme […]

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Happy Birthday Dovid! in the Butterflies

Today we celebrated Dovid’s birthday with delicious cake his friends made themselves. Because Dovid loves to look at pictures of his friends and say their names, the children decorated a picture frame with their pictures. First, the children painted it and then added stickers. We know that Dovid will enjoy this gift at home.

We celebrated another birthday this week. Morah Debra brought in her dog, Daisy, on the occasion of her 5th birthday. The children had a great time petting her and watching her tail swish from side to side.

We are excited to share that Elisheva is a big sister! Mazal Tov to the entire Herrera family on the birth of Dovid Aryeh. The children all had a chance to take a peek at the baby and decided he is very little.

Yellow is our color of the week. We had a great time painting with yellow, red, blue and green paint as a way of reinforcing color recognition. The children are getting more adventurous as they test out mixing different colors and using a variety of tools to put paint on paper. All of this is an excellent exercise in fine motor and visual development.

Spring in winter! The children were so happy to play outside in the playground, where they chased bubbles, slid down the slide, and colored with crayons.

Thank you to David and the Romanoff family for our healthy snack of delicious apples. We will enjoy them all week.

More to come…..

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie

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Happy Birthday, Asher! — Gan Parparim (Butterflies)

On Friday we celebrated Asher’s 3rd birthday with his parents and grandfather, Rabbi Rubin. Because Asher loves to collect different objects, the children transformed a large canister into a beautiful treasure holder as their gift to him. We also ate yummy cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday in English and Hebrew. In honor of his birthday, Asher was Shabbat Abba and Chana was Shabbat Ema.

Thank you to Asher and his family for the class gift of The Magic School Bus in Time of the Dinosaurs book, in honor of Asher’s birthday. We will enjoy reading it to the class all year.

The polar vortex did not stop up from having warm indoor fun. In the Exploration Room, the children experimented with the sensory wall, sang the ABCs as we built an alphabet block tower, and created castles out of cardboard and styrofoam. 

A gentle reminder: Parent-Teacher Conferences are on Thursday, February 7. If you have not yet had a chance to sign up, please check your email for the sign-up sheet or email us at [email protected]
Have a joyous and peaceful Shabbat,
Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie

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