Dr. Seuss and Purim — when you think about it they have a lot in common. Fun and silly Thingamajigs and a silly King. Big feet, little feet, red fish and blue fish.

We are continuing to learn about Purim. We talked about how there are different kinds of houses — “I live in a house,” Me, too,” Me too,” the children chimed in one after the other. We then pointed to the pictures of castles displayed on the wall and explained that Queen Esther and King Achashverosh live in a house called a castle.

The children’s imagination and creativity always amazes us. We watched them play with and build their own castles, some complete with Mommys and Daddys. They especially like our new Magnatiles. Thank you to the Gopin family for this always wonderful — and very timely — gift in honor of Dovid’s birthday.


The children have also started to “read” the Purim story on their own. It was interesting to note how at first just two children were reading, then three, then 4.


There was also lots of time to play with friends.

As we write this, both Morah Blimie and I are out sick. The children have been under the excellent care of two exceptional teachers, Morah Aimee (from the 3s) and Morah Naama, the shul’s youth director, and part-time aftercare Morah. It is a privilege to be part of such an extraordinary team of teachers.

Following our lesson plan and adding their own unique creativity, they celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with the children at a party that included “pin the fish on the fish tank,” the “shoe game,” and a special Dr. Seuss-themed snack, which the children helped to prepare.

And of course a special crazy hat singalong with the Rabbi!!

Wishing you a joyous, peaceful, and healthy Shabbat!

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie