What fun was had by all at our celebration of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday on Friday!  Earlier in the week, the children had helped prepare the batter to bake the five layers needed to construct, The Cat in the Hat’s hat.  On the day of our party, children and parents and nannies too, helped decorate the cake.  We used vanilla frosting for the white stripes and red frosting, along with strawberries, for the red stripes.  Very messy but very yummy! The children also enjoyed wearing the zany hats that they brought to school.  This made them very giggly.

We played two games based on Dr. Seuss books that were educational in more ways than one.  The Cat in the Hat game involved collecting cards with pictures from the book, and also required matching alphabet letters from new cards to ones on cards that were already picked up.  The children identified the letters quite well.  But another benefit of the game was learning how to actually play a game.  The children learned how to spin and read numbers off of a spinner, how to move their playing piece around the board, and how to take turns.  Most importantly, they learned how to follow directions. We also played a math game based on the book, Ten Apples Up on Top.  The children chose a large playing card with the picture of an animal character – lion, tiger, dog, and panda. They were required to spin and follow the directions on the space on which they landed.  The spaces labeled 1, 2, 3, or 4 apples up on top directed them to add that many apples on top of their character’s head.  Additionally, there were spaces that gave directions to remove apples (a bird ate 1 of your apples, a bear knocked down 2 with his mop, etc.)  The first player to get exactly 10 apples on their head was the winner.  This game was a fun way to remember the story, as well as provide practice in counting, adding and subtracting.


An offer was made by Morah Aimee for all the classes to attend her Purim Puppet Show.  Prior to attending the show, we asked the children to recount the Megillah story.  What a fabulous job!  Each of the children recalled and added their understanding of the story.  Then they got to sing along with some Purim songs and watch the puppets perform the story.  It was very engaging and a good time was had by all of us.



Another important mitzvah for Purim is the Shalach Manot baskets.  The children are learning that giving is more important than receiving.  They created pictures of various items used during Purim and/or the people in the Purim story.  They also attempted to write words connected to the story. These pictures will be glued to their Shalach Manot baskets, that will be delivered next week filled with goodies for friends and family.