It is a wonderful feeling when we see the Sunflowers pretending to be the MORAH/MOREH.  As the children play with their friends we hear the songs that we have taught them coming out of their mouths and they are usually in small groups recreating circle time.  We decided to actually let each child have a turn “BEING THE MORAH/MOREH.”  Everyone had a chance to sit in the MORAH CHAIR  and pick their favorite part of circle time and lead the class.  The children were so excited and couldn’t wait for their turn.  The Morot couldn’t wait to see what they were going to pick.  A lot of the children picked counting to 10 in Hebrew.  Both masculine and feminine.

Purim is in the air. With only 12 days until Purim the children have been very busy learning the story of Purim and its songs.  To help enforce the encoding of the Purim story and songs, Morah Aimee put on a school wide puppet show.  Everyone enjoyed hearing the story and watching as Morah Aimee used the puppets and the special felt board to sing some of the songs and tell the story.


The children enjoyed making their graggers.  Each child was able to pick what color paint they wanted and then it was poured into their bottle.  Next, it was shake shake shake until the entire inside of the bottle was coated with paint.  Everyone showed off their muscles as to how fast and quick they could shake their bottle watching the paint cover the inside so fast.  Even the children were surprised.

Continuing our Purim preparation, the children couldn’t wait to choose the color of foam to make their special mask.  Watching the children decorate their masks was exciting.  Seeing them plan out the way they were going to lay out the colorful gems was remarkable.  Everyone had so much fun.

Exercising our fine motor skills was a blast. The children continue to be creative while using their little fingers to make snakes and flowers out of the “connecto” blocks.  Learning how to do a jigsaw puzzle and how to attach the pieces was a fun challenge for the children.  Morah Aimee taught everyone a helpful hint on how to do the puzzle.  Group like colors together to see if they fit together.

Finishing our unit on farm animals was amazing.  The children thought it was a hoot to see their faces as they became the FARMER.  Placing all the pieces on the FARM was a great experience for the children;  the tractor, barn, fence, animals, and of course the farmer.  Everyone is excited to bring it home.

A continued highlight of every week is coming together every Friday to sing and dance our favorite Shabbat songs.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra