What a wonderful day the Sunflowers had in celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  The day started with the children coming to school wearing a CRAZY HAT.   The thought and creativity that went into making these hats was unbelievable. We had a crab, a squid, a giraffe, a Hershey’s kiss, a wrapped gift, a construction worker and two Jamaican men.

The children enjoyed making special birthday cards for Dr. Seuss. Everyone took their time coloring their special picture.

The children then switched hats to their CAT AND THE HAT hats.  They enjoyed listening to the book and then making their hat.  All the children took such care in laying the stripes so straight.  They did an incredible job.  The children couldn’t get enough of Dr. Seuss.  All they wanted was to hear more and more stories by Dr. Seuss.  Hopefully, at home, you will continue to read them.

The children were very excited to hold up their special letter which they painted with Morah Debra.  Morah Debra taped their first initial onto a canvas and had the children paint over it. When the paint was dried the tape was peeled off so you could see the letter.  The children loved listening to Dr. Seuss’ ABC book.  Doing this project helped to reinforce the children’s letter recognition, just like we do in our circle time as the children sit on a laminated card with their first initial.  This is also showing the children other letters in the alphabet which they are starting to recognize.

The best part of celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday was the party, especially getting to eat the cake.  The children enjoyed making, decorating and of course eating the CAT AND THE HAT hat cake.  The children were excited to have their parents come in for the celebration.



Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra