When you think of Purim, what comes to mind? Masks? Groggers? Tzedekah?

Purim in Gan Parparim is all of those things and more. It’s science, shapes, color sorting, fine and gross motor development,  laughter, and song. We give the children as much control over each project and activity as possible, which builds self-esteem and helps to develop decision making skills.

Each child chose which materials they wanted to use to decorate their masks. Using large paintbrushes and thick glue, they decided where to place these decorations on the mask.

We continued our exploration of sound by shaking real groggers.  What fun! What noise! Boo Haman!

We followed up by beginning work on our own groggers. The children used their muscles to roll and shake their groggers to distribute the paint.  The final step will be the addition of loose parts, which will give each grogger a unique sound.

Every day when we give tzedekah we talk about how it is one of the 4 special mitzvot of Purim,

The children were so happy to play outside. We sectioned off the parking lot to make our own outdoor play space, where we balanced on a wooden plank, colored the snow, and played catch.