Can you believe that Purim is less than a week away?  The preparations are ongoing in the Sunflowers classroom. Our graggers are coming along so nicely.  The children had a wonderful time filling them with beans and popcorn kernels.  The sound of the graggers was approved by the children when they tested them out with a few big shakes.  A few finishing touches and they will be perfect.  The children can not wait to use them.  They know to say BOO and shake their gragger when they hear Haman’s name.

The children can not get enough of the Purim story. Acting out the story with the help of masks has been a favorite thing to do. Everyone took turns being the different characters. We love hearing the children recite the story when acting it out.

The sunflowers had a special guest. Morah Debra’s son Jagger came to visit.  The children sat quietly while Jagger read them a book.  They also enjoyed when he played with them on the carpet.  Everyone had blast with Jagger and can not wait for the next time he can come for a visit.

The children have been enjoying our new reading nook.  They have enjoyed having a quiet welcoming place to go to read a book.  The two small carpets add a homey comfort to the room.

You can hear the children’s voices throughout the halls of IBECC. Hearing all the Purim songs is a wonderful noise to hear.  The children are gearing up for next Friday at 10:15-10:45am when they will  be inviting their families for a Purim carnival and sing-a-long. Please mark the date and time.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra