The children are posing with their unique Purim masks, each one different and from  an idea that  germinated from each child’s imagination, and then was executed by each child.  The picture was taken prior to the class embarking on their mission to distribute their mishloach Manot baskets to a friend’s home for the holiday.  The children created their baskets with the purpose of giving them away.  This fulfills one of the mitzvot for Purim and is not an easy thing for a four or five year old child to do.  They usually want to keep their own creations.  But they understood what they were doing and accepted the task gracefully.  The children wrote their names on a slip of paper, which was then folded and placed in a basket.  Each child picked a paper from the basket and the name on the paper was to be the classmate to whom they would deliver the basket they had created. They were to keep the child’s name a secret so it would also be a surprise.  The children enjoyed the element of surprise.

It’s shake your grogger time!  The groggers were also individual and playful.  A variety of containers were chosen, decorated with colorful papers, and then a picture of the child displaying a funny expression was attached to a styrofoam head, which in turn was attached to the container. These were really charming groggers!