This week was filled with hands-on experiences as we learned about the order of the Seder through our five senses.

We began our exploration at the beginning with Kadesh. We remembered that we drink one cup of grape juice from a Kiddush cup on Shabbat. It’s very sweet and we really like it. On Pesach we drink four cups. Then we compared two Kiddush cups. We all agreed that one was small and one was very big.

We learned that grape juice is made from grapes. Some are red and some are green. We squish the grapes, add a little water, and it turns into grape juice.

Then we got to work. The children washed the grapes, plucked them from their stems, squished them, and poured the leftovers into their own cups. At first, the children squished them with both hands, and then they tried flattening them on the table with their palms. They decided flattening them on the table was easier. There was a lot of taste testing!


We then moved on to Urchatz. Using our class washing cup, the children poured water on each hand two times. We practice this every day when washing for lunch time.

We turned back to our pictorial chart to find out that karpas is the next step in the Seder. We talked about how vegetables grow in the ground. We again brought out bins of water for children to wash the celery and parsley. It was hard to break the celery stalks into pieces. The children made their own salt water, by pouring salt into a cup of water. They mixed it with a spoon and after saying the bracha, they munched and crunched on the celery. (The parsley and potato were not a big hit.)

For Yachatz we need three matzos. We break the middle one for the afikoman – the Seder “dessert.” The children had a wonderful time playing “find the afikoman.” We are also singing Pesach songs and reading books about Pesach.

With the temperatures moderating, we ran, slid, and colored with chalk at the playground.

Wishing you a joyous and peaceful Shabbat,

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie