The Sunflowers enjoyed taking turns at all the different learning centers.  It has been wonderful to observe how their coordination has improved from the beginning of the year until now as they rotate between the tables and floor showing off their fine and gross motor skills.  Using the sensory box to feel the sand and corn while finding all the different objects that were hidden was incredible.  None of the children wanted to go to another center since they were having so much fun.  But they enjoyed playing their favorite bingo game, alphabet game or even having a dance party.  The children were truly mesmerized when listening to the Passover story.  Watching how the story encoded into their minds was evident as we watched the way they built with the blocks.  Using the cork pyramid made it appear as if we (the Jewish people) were SLAVES in Egypt.

Spending time with the loose parts is always a wonderful experience. Watching their creativity come out as they design on their mirror boards is great to watch.  They are always so proud of themselves.

The children are looking forward to the upcoming holiday of Passover (Pesach).  Singing Passover songs is beginning to become the norm in our classroom.  The children love singing the order of the seder; KADESH OORCHATZ KARPAS YACHATZ…. feel free to ask them to sing it for you.   Talking about the foods we can and can not eat on Pesach is interesting.  One of the foods we eat on Pesach is MATZAH.  Though not edible, we enjoyed making matzah in our classroom.  Using a lego board the children placed a piece of paper over it and rolled a crayon over it.  The rubbing effect made it look like matzah.

The children are also looking forward to rolling up their sleeves for some ” back breaking work” as they continue hearing about Passover.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra