We have been going over the order of the Seder with the children, reviewing the Hebrew words of each part, i.e. Kaddesh, Urchatz, Karpas, Yachatz, Maggid, Rachtzah, etc.  We sing a song to help them remember, along with an illustration of what is taking place.  The children have been incorporating some of the things they have learned into their pretend play and bringing the Seder plate, including the items that are traditionally on the plate, and pretend foods to be served at the Seder.

The children begged to hear the book, The Matzah Man, by Naomi Howland.  The illustrations looked amusing and the book was a Pesach derivation of the Gingerbread Man.  The story included all the traditional foods that are eaten at a Pesach Seder, and showed the table, at the conclusion of the tale, set up with the ritual items for a Seder.  This book further enticed the children to set up their own Seder.


The children have been busy, working diligently on each page that will illustrate a portion of the Maggid.  They spent time this week cutting and pasting Paraoh’s headpiece, and painting and drawing his face.  The next page will involve creating the Egyptian city that the slaves were forced to build.

Our literacy work moves along, writing and sounding out the letter “Ss”.  The children are really improving on their formation of this difficult letter and identifying words with the initial “Ss” sound.  They also were fortunate to have additional engaging and entertaining activities with our Synagogue’s member and literacy expert, Brenda.  She brought many wonderful activities to help the children learn this letter through sensory (playdough for tactile, Sammy Snail and his bag of “Ss” items for visual and auditory, and an app on the iPad, to trace the letter, for kinesthetic) exploration.  She even brought a project for the children to make – a snail or snake puppet. We all were thoroughly delighted!

We wish you all Shabbat Shalom and a restful weekend.

Morah Fran and Morah Yafit