There’s more than one way to build an Egyptian city!  We are moving full speed ahead with our Pesach Haggadah and are busily working on it each day.  The children really enjoy cutting things and jump at every opportunity.  They cut out various sizes of rectangles and squares from sheets of sandpaper and then had the opportunity to use these cut-outs to “build” an Egyptian city.  The sandpaper simulated the color and texture of the ancient cities we were able to locate and copy via the computer.  The children were shown the pictures and created their own version of what they saw.   It was fun for them to manipulate the shapes into the structures they envisioned!  Another page involved a very different setting – grasses and a body of water.  This time the children were recreating the famous scene of the infant, Moshe, in his tayvah (basket), floating in the Nile River.  Again, the children were able to use their cutting skills, but this time it was green construction paper grass.  The children have become so adept with cutting that they were finished in a jiffy.  Next, they glued an interesting material onto their papers, to resemble the Nile – blue plastic cling wrap!  They were even able to create the baby, Moshe, from a mini wooden ice cream spoon and fake curly hair.  A cut-up coffee cup covered with yellow textured material became the tayvah.  And of course in the process of forming these pages, the story is reinforced.

We started singing Pesach songs last week and Morah Jill brought some more to add to our repertoire. She adds a dramatic flair to it and makes it so much fun!  There were songs about the hard work of the slaves, about the 10 Makos, frogs jumping everywhere (the children really enjoyed impersonating frogs ), the four questions, and of course, Dayenu.

The new letter for the week is the letter “Jj”.  Our puppet introducing “Jj” is a jaguar.  Many of the children had not seen or heard of this animal before and so we found real photos of jaguars on our ipad.  The children began learning about the letter by forming it with our wooden lines and curves.  After physically forming the letter, they practiced writing the hook and then the straight line separately.  Next they formed the entire letter and colored the jacket that introduced the “J” sound.  The jaguar will bring a box containing objects with the initial “Jj” sound.  We also review the sound of “Hh” by reading the book, Hats Can Help – The Sound of H, by Alice K. Flanagan.  The book discussed the different ways that hats help people while introducing words with the initial “Hh” sound – hats, have, help, hot, helmet, hard hat, hammer,  and hair.