A natural tie-in to Karpas was an exploration of how vegetables grow. We talked about how seeds are planted in soil and need sun and water to grow. Each child planted parsley seeds in cups they filled with soil from the Outdoor Classroom. They are very excited that they are able to “visit” their plants every day to see if they are sprouting. 

Our visit to the Outdoor Classroom included time to play with trucks and work on our balancing skills.

We turned our attention to Maggid.  We began with a reenactment of the Pesach story. The children were especially interested in Baby Moshe. Using the simplest of materials — a brown box transformed into a basket and a bin filled with water — they have been taking turns “floating” Baby Moshe down the river under the watching eye of “Miriam.”

Did the children carry heavy bricks like Bnai Yisroel in Mitzrayim? Yes, they did! They are heavy!


Pesach play is a big part of our day. The children boarded a train out of Egypt (pushing the chairs was hard work, just like the Jewish people had to do in Egypt) with the “matzoh” they made in a hurry. We like to look at pictures of the order of the Seder and point out what we have already learned. We also like to “read” the Pesach story on our story wall.

During music with Morah Jill we sang and danced to Pesach songs.