The Sunflowers experienced a marvelous music Monday with Morah Jill. The children are always excited when Morah Jill comes to sing with them.  They wait with bated breath to see what songs they will learn, along with what cool instruments Morah Jill will bring for them to use.  Morah Jill couldn’t believe how many Passover songs we knew.  She smiled when the children were able to sing along with her since they knew all the words.  Ma Nishtanah, The Frog song, and NO NO NO I Will Not Let You Go.  Morah Debra acted as Pharoh while we sang that song.  The children thought that was just the funniest thing.  Playing with frogs was great, especially when everyone was able to make them jump up and down on the blue parachute that was representing the YOM SOOF.   The jumping matzah ball was fun too.  Morah Jill taught us a counting song using matzah balls.

The children were given the challenge to build Paroh a city as if they were slaves in Mitzrayim.  The children absolutely met the challenge.  All the different ways they used the blocks to build was incredible.

Morah Debra also challenged the children.  Setting up a picture of a piece of matzah for them to draw was no easy task.  The children had no problem with the challenge.  Sheer matzah masterpieces.

We can not wait to see what type of adventures the rest of the week will have.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra