Our class Haggadah is almost complete.  The children are working hard but also enjoying the process of preparing the pages and appreciating the results.  They drew a picture of Miriam watching over Moshe as he floated in the Nile.  They are really progressing in their ability with drawing and have been challenged to create recognizable people and animals.  In addition to Miriam, they have drawn a grown-up Moshe tending his sheep, and also the sheep!  They drew Paraoh, complete with headdress, saying: No! No! No!  And wait till you see the burning bush and the cute little mazahs.  Just a few more pages and you will have a delightful Haggadah and memento of their time in the 4s class.

Making printed Matzah

Our class held a model Seder.  The children prepared delicious charoset made with grated apples, crushed matzah, grape juice, apple sauce, cinnamon, and date spread. They seemed to like eating it as much as making it!  We held the Seder in our Art Studio and the children continued with drawing and creating many scenes from Maggid as a lovely decoration.  They helped carry everything to the Art Studio and also helped to set the table. Then we went through the entire order of the Haggadah, using a song to assist us all in remembering what takes place next.  We reviewed the Seder plate, asked the four questions, had our four cups of grape juice, did Urchatz and Rachtzah, the Motzi, Korech, etc.  It was great fun and quite a learning experience.

Making Charoset for our Seder plate.

The children learned the Hebrew letter “kaf”  with Morah Yafit this week.  The vocabulary they learned to go along with the letter “kaf” included:  kadur- ball, kelev – dog , and kovah- hat. That reminded everyone of the song, La Kovah Sheli, that they sang during Purim.

Frogs here, frogs there, frogs are jumping everywhere.  The children built an Egyptian building and included the frog plague.  Cool!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morha Fran and Morah Yafit